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Artriom is the newest addition to the iFace family and has been in the sector since 2013, combining their knowledge in IT and IBM products to become collaboration specialists. Artriom work with businesses to control their collaboration issues and guide, consult, transact, implement and drive the adoption of new technologies.

Digital transformation is currently a topic of rich and vital discussion in boardrooms and among executive teams around the world. Here are some insights on what it takes to lead and deliver a digital transformation.

Artriom are collaboration specialists. Maybe your business is wishing to make file sharing much more straightforward, or move to an entire social enterprise in the cloud. Artriom can fulfill this via Files, Activities, Projects, Communities, Integrated Meetings and Audio etc. We will work with you to ensure your goals and objectives are met in as quickly as possible while realising your Return on Investment and Total Cost of Ownership Savings.




Consulting is an ugly word; but for want of a better expression, the reality is that most businesses have not yet had a lot of experience with Social Business, neither using it or understanding the real financial and organisational benefits that will be achieved through it's adoption.


Training Services

A range of training and adoption services designed to ensure that employees get to know and use new technology quickly. A range of adoption strategies can be used and we work with customers during and after implementation of the solution to work out which combination of strategies is best suited for your organisation.


Software Development

Although our partners solutions are generally all inclusive and extremely feature rich, your business is unique and often services require tailoring for what you personally require.



Regardless of how or where your solutions have been built, we can often offer support services to ensure they keep running. Everything we do is SLA based, interactive and integrated with our customers


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